Best Way To Clean Ceiling Fans​

Best way to clean ceiling fans

Best way to clean ceiling fans

It is critical to keep your ceiling fan clean and dust-free. It not only prolongs the life of your fan, but it also keeps the air in your house clean plus better for your home. One of the most common causes of an unsteady ceiling fan is dust. Let’s face it: no two cleaning jobs are the same. We’ve listed the most incredible ceiling fan dust and cleansing tricks and tips, such as a better way to clean a ceiling fan on a high ceiling. This easy-to-follow instruction will show you better way to clean ceiling fans by our expert.

#1 Way to clean the standard ceiling fan

The standard ceiling fan cleaning requires a pillowcase and a ladder to clean the dust. In this scenario, the fan is located 8 to 10 feet. Using the pillowcase up and down will capture the dust. To clean the blades, gently press them and slide the pillowcase to remove the excess dust. In the end, wash the pillowcase in warm water after shaking it.

Way To Clean The Standard Ceiling Fan

#2 Way to clean the high ceiling fan

The high ceiling fan cleaning requires a bandana, a long-armed duster, and an old sheet to clean the fans located on a high ceiling or more than 10 feet. To avoid dust, use a long-handled duster and a bandana to protect both mouth and nose. To capture the dust from the ceiling fan, lay the bed sheet and use the duster to clean the fan, particularly its blades. Pick up the bed sheet before washing pick. Just shake it out.

Way To Clean The High Ceiling Fan

#3 Way to clean the greasy ceiling fan

Cleaning a greasy ceiling fan requires baby wipes, a ladder, mineral spirit, and an old sheet. It is critical to understand how to clean a ceiling fan and also when to clean a ceiling fan. Based on where your ceiling fans are, you must clean them either once or occasionally yearly. When dirt or grease has been clenched tightly on the fan base or blades of your ceiling fan, it may require a comprehensive cleaning.

Place an old sheet on the floor underneath the ceiling fan and a ladder in the location that is below the fan. If the fan is not greasy, use baby wipes to clean it; otherwise, use a mineral spirit to wipe down the ceiling fan. Throw the dirty wipes and shake off the sheets proceeding to wash.

That’s all! If maintaining the ceiling fan is a task you despise, go the additional mile and wax the blades using auto wax to avoid dust from adhering in the first instance. To sum up, it’s critical to maintain the fan clean, mainly if you use it throughout the year.

Way To Clean The Greasy Ceiling Fan

#4 Way to clean a fan by washing it

Wash each blade with any cleanser and a damp cloth or sponge. Avoid spraying fluid on the fan and applying excessive pressure that might bend the blades. Hand-wash lighting globes in a basin and allow them to dry thoroughly before reinstalling them. Furthermore, before resuming the use of your fan, let the blades completely dry; moist blades gather dust.

That’s all! If washing the ceiling fan is a task you dislike, go the additional mile: Use automobile wax to prevent dust from adhering to the blades in the first place.

Ceiling Fan

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Sum Up

Cooling breezes from ceiling fans may make a stuffy space feel pleasantly cozy. The blades, however, may catch a lot of dust, pollen, dust, or other microscopic particles as they revolve through the air. Based on where it is, your fan may accumulate oily or sticky accumulation over time, causing dust to hold much more.

The above article summed up the discussion of the Best way to clean ceiling fans. Although there are different ways, you can choose them according to your preferences. Comment below which technique makes your fan clean.

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