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Best Can Openers

Best Can opener 
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Canned goods are the secret to many delectable meals, ranging from convenient and simple pasta meals to silky smoother tahini or chickpea dips. However, as straightforward as canned foods are, unpacking canned items can be difficult at times. May openers that are confusing and unwieldy can make a simple operation more difficult. And clumsy can openers could keep the job tiresome or time-consuming.

The most common and easiest to use is a manual can opener. It fits well into a cutlery drawer or worktop holder. When you dislike twisting, an electronic opener could be the best option for you. In the end, it’s a subject of personal choice above all. Such kitchen equipment may appear simple in comparison to other devices, but some include extra-useful functions that allow you to open cans as well as discard lids with ease.

Online Household Products review the Best Can Openers available, evaluate the features that will be most important to consider, and brings some manual and electric can openers suggested by our experts. This article presented key features, pros, and cons of can openers for your kitchen.

Here we go:


What is a Can Opener?

A culinary tool is used to remove or open the top of a metal can. There are several choices available, varying from manually controlled tiny tools to automatic openers which swiftly and effortlessly detach the can’s lid. Smooth-Edge Opener, Safe-Cut Combos, Safety-Cut Locks, or Safety Openers are could openers which are more successful in opening the cans.

Openers with more safety precautions also generate smoother-edged openings and lids, and therefore top interiors of the can plus the opened seal have smooth edges once the can is opened, as opposed to the rough edges generated by certain other Can Openers.

Working of a Can Opener.

The feed wheel grabs the lip when the knob is moved. The opener immediately slices through the lid. As you make your approach around the can, it spontaneously spins. Continue rotating the knob once you’ve sliced the lid around the can or have left a little amount uncut. The hand knobs used to turn or rotate the cutting blades – are they pleasant, padded, and properly positioned.  The requirement for “lid pliers,” which enable for the release of the top without using hands, such that the lid does not fall into the container and yet is supported while it is being raised upwards from the head of the can Best Can Openers.

Reviews about Best can openers

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Zyliss Lock N' Lift Can Opener


Zyliss is an American brand offering you Zyliss Lock N’ Lift Can Opener that is The Best Can Openers is simple to operate, having wide, comfortable grip handles that make it simple to press the opener into position on a can top. You don’t have to keep grabbing while you open the can since the opening locks into position. The side grip is simple and quick to move, as well as the cutting function is smooth.

The Best Can Openers tester loved how it closes completely for storage yet is simple to release with a touch of the red button. She particularly enjoyed how it locks and shuts onto the can with a turning of the knob, eliminating the need to squeeze the handles repeatedly. Once the can is unsealed, just release the latch to release it. A magnet grips that keep the can lid, allowing you to take it all away from the can, and to use the magnetic release handle to drop the lid directly into the garbage, eliminating the need for you to contact it at all Best Can Openers.

Even though this can Best Can Openers is largely made of plastic, our tester found it to be quite robust but couldn’t picture it cracking with regular kitchen usage. When it comes to cleaning, it is washable, however, hand washing is just as effective Best Can Openers.

Key Features

  • Manual can opener.
  • 7-inches.
  • Material is stainless steel, TPE, PP, POM, GF Nylon & Brass
  • Durable and built-in magnet.
  • Locking handles.
  • Wide comfortable handle
  • Locking handles decrease hand stress
  • Magnetic lid crank for mess-free hands
  • Slight learning bend
  • Magnet doesn’t constantly catch lid


Oxo brings OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Best Can Openers. As it is a sharp stainless cutting disc, it does not come into contact with the contents of the can. Cooking items; can openers; can openers were supplied.

But this is not an electronic can Best Can Openers, with non-slip, ergonomic grip, and easy-turn, large knob makes it a breeze to use. The stainless cutting roller rarely comes into contact with your food, making it hygienic, so you can detach the top of the can with the included lid pliers.

Whatever distinguishes it can Best Can Openers is that it cuts on the side of the can rather than the top, resulting in no jagged corners on the container or lid. Before pushing the can opener onto a container for the first time, our tester was delighted she examined the short instructional illustrations that came with it. The side-cut design of the opener connects to the can at a different position than the top-cut Best Can Openers. Whenever our tester got the hang of it, the opener’s cutting wheel readily latched onto the can as the knob rotated fast with very little effort Best Can Openers.

Key Features

  • Manual can opener.
  • 7-inches size.
  • The material is stainless steel.
  • Durable and smooth cutting.
  • Built-in pliers and bug turning knob.
  • Non-slip, comfortable grip
  • Smooth side-cutting opener
  • Oversized turning knob
  • Minor learning curve
Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Master Can Opener


Kuhn Rikon Shop presented Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Master Can Opener. With a single device, you can easily open regular and ring-pull containers, crown-cap (beer-style) jars, screw-top (PET) cans, even bottles.

The manual side-cutting Best Can Openers automatically latches onto the can as you spin the handle, making it much easier to use. Because it operates from the sides of the top instead of the top, you achieve clean, easy removal with no jagged corners to worry about if the lid is replaced, so there’s no risk of cross-contamination because the cutter doesn’t ever contact the food. Whether you’re new when using a safe can opener, our tester suggests following the directions on the container Best Can Openers.

Once the lid is loose, a button locks the lid-lifter jaws onto it to remove it, and you just push the lever to throw the lid into the garbage Best Can Openers. In testing, the lid-lifter grabbed both the can and the lid, so keep one grip on the can to avoid spillage. To maintain the components clean when working on a meal, the lid may also be pushed back onto the Best Can Openers. Other settings of the can opener readily popped open home-canned jar of pickles and glassware during testing, so it rapidly unscrewed plastic soda caps. There’s a pull-top can lever Best Can Openers.

Key Features

  • Manual can opener.
  • 9 x 2.75 inches.
  • Stainless steel blade.
  • Plastic material.
  • Lid-lifter jaws.
  • All-in-one can and bottle opener
  • Smooth and safe side-cutting opener
  • Lid-lifter jaws clamp onto can lids
  • Might take practice to master
  • Handle not as comfortable as other models


Brix Design offers Brix J-Pooper Best Can Openers open swiftly and quickly ring-pull cans that require less hand effort as well as produce less messy food spill Flip-top containers appear like a terrific concept, but they are hard to open for some people. The Best Can Openers is designed specifically for removing flip-top cans (such as tuna, soups, or even coke), giving the necessary power for a quick, simple opening. To fold the cover back, just put the edge into the hook & pull Best Can Openers.

Our tester used it on a variety of cans so had no trouble folding the hook under the flap. During testing, the lids neatly slid back the majority of the way. Because the Best Can Openers provides the strength to strips away the lid, you must finish tugging it off with your hands.

Extremely long-lasting, with no sharp edges or moving elements. It’s small enough to fit in a kitchen appliance cabinet as well as handy enough to have in your workshop, yacht, camping, or anyplace a can needs to be opened quickly and effortlessly. Its lightweight and the cheap pop-top opener are ideal for bringing on a camping or boating excursion. It is also not in touch with food, it is washable for simple cleaning Best Can Openers.

Key Features

  • Manual can opener.
  • 28-ounce weight.
  • ABS plastic material.
  • 5 x 0.5 x 6 inches dimension.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • No more struggling with tabs
  • Helps avoid cuts from pull-top lids
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Only for pull-top can lids
Hamilton Beach Can Opener


Hamilton Beach brings you a Hamilton electric Can Openers that opens containers from the sides of the lid instead of the top, allowing you to open ordinary cans as well as those with pull-tab tops. It maintains smooth edges, so you don’t risk cutting yourself on the pointed end Best Can Openers.

Because the blade never comes into touch with the food, it will remain clean. You also avoid the chance of cross-contamination, which is important so nobody wants their condensed milk to taste such as cooked beans. It’s not bulky, as well as the design is elegant enough that you can keep it on your table if you open a lot of containers. Just put it away in a cupboard if you won’t use it frequently Best Can Openers.

Our electric can Best Can Openers includes a wide top lever which is straightforward to push, makes it easy to use for almost anybody. Simply connect the can, push the lever, and then hold it down while the can opener does the rest. Our tester appreciated that the can and lid were firmly kept in place till she completely released the top lever, eliminating the possibility of the can self-releasing. Because of the lever motion, this opener may be used with either your right or left hand.

Key Features

  • Electric can opener.
  • 5 x 4.5 x 5.8 inches.
  • Plastic material.
  • Weight is 1lbs.
  • 3-in-one tool.
  • Smooth side-cutting opener
  • The blade doesn’t come in contact with food
  • Easy press-lever top
  • Takes up more storage space


Bangrui Tools presenting Bangrui Professional Electric Can Opener employs cutting-edge technology to remove the top by relieving pressure from within the can, resulting in no jagged corners and a safe cutting. It works on a variety of can sizes. A certified safe electric can opener is an excellent addition to any dining hall or picnic. Bangrui can opener is packed in high-quality components, making it an ideal present.

The portable device is a wonderful choice for individuals looking for an electric can opener that doesn’t take up a lot of room. Because the can is released by pressure from the inside rather than a physical slice, the gadget has some of the cleanest edges available. It’s also simple to use.

This can opener jammed once during testing, causing it to take twice as long as it should have. When it doesn’t jam, it’s a quicker model than several costly openers as well as the Kitchen Mama, a competing brand that is portable. Furthermore, the AA batteries required are not included, which means you will have to delay using them when you’re not ready.

Key Features

  • Electric can opener.
  • 05 x 2.72 x 2.46 inches.
  • Plastic material.
  • 8 ounces weight.
  • AA battery with side-cutter.
  • Small
  • Easy to use
  • 4x batteries power
  • Unreliable


Cuisinart offers Cusineart Can Opener with a high-quality Power Cut blade.  It is a press-and-release handle that effortlessly opens any standard-size can which has an extra-wide base to avoid slipping or tilting; it effectively disconnects. It has a magnetic lid latch, a detachable activation lever, as well as an easy-to-clean design.

The Cuisinart CCO-50 is a small and elegant alternative in the countertops can opener market. This style, unlike other of the larger openers, could be immediately turned sideways and stored away. It can hold all types of round containers, particularly huge tomato cans. Throughout testing, the smaller one can be opened in 2.5 seconds, while the bigger one took five seconds.

Our opener is a hands-free operation that stops working when the can is open, and a powerful magnet retains the top for you as you operate. The replaceable cutting device is very easy to clean, and the limited 3-year guarantee eliminates the need for a replacement if it fails. Because it’s tiny, it can shift slightly when in use, but it’s a minor cost to pay for a high-quality can opener that fits in medium-sized kitchens.

Key Features

  • Electric can opener.
  • Plastic material.
  • 87 x 6 x 10.87 inches.
  • 42 pounds.
  • Side-cuts.
  • Streamlined efficiency.
  • Can be assembled and disassembled easily.
  • Durable plastic material with a stainless-steel blade.
  • It’s shaky when operating.


Oster’s newest model Oster Tall Can Opener has a broad base with a projecting lip foot to aid in tipping. It has a bottle opener, knife sharpening, and a retractable cable that retracts at the stroke of a button. The lever was simple to connect and detach, and it readily supported bigger cans. It has an auto shut-off option and did not leave any spillage whenever we opened cans.

This Oster Electric Can Opener has a strong cutting mechanism that allows it to easily puncture cans. The Power Pierce cutting blade effortlessly opens cans with perfect edges, as well as the blade mechanism separates for easy cleanup. The design allows for a variety of can dimensions, as well as the auto-shutoff system shuts the device off when not in service.

The opener also has a built-in knife sharpener as well as a separate bottle opener. Use it for quick, easy, and handy meal prep so you can stay productive in the kitchen. This device opens a variety of cans. It contains a replaceable cutting blade for simple washing or a tall can opener for safety and effortlessly opening cans.

Key Features

  • Electric can opener.
  • 10 x 5 x 6 inches.
  • Plastic material.
  • A powerful magnet for gripping.
  • 1 lb. weight.
  • Side-cut model
  • Retractable cord
  • A powerful magnet for gripping
  • Poor grip
  • Sharp edge

Shopping Guide for Best Can Openers

Following criteria must take into consideration while buying the Best Can Openers;

Mode of Operation

Can openers are classified into two categories, as defined and detailed in the preceding sections. There are two types of can openers: manually operated openers and electric openers. Consider if this is easier for you to by using your own hands or force or if you would like to allow this to the item.

Whereas manually operated can openers may be used at any location and at any time, an electric-powered can opener is critical for its success like batteries, and that might be a considerable constraint for you Best Can Openers.


The length of can openers ranges relatively significantly from around 12cm to 28cm. This implies that practically any can opener will comfortably fit in a cabinet, and you won’t require much storage capacity. It makes no difference if one opening is smaller or larger than others in terms of quality Best Can Openers.

What matters to you is that now the can opener fits nicely in your hands. Several electric can openers have the look of a computer mouse, which adds to their usefulness. In most situations, though, just one button is required to start the cutting procedure. They can accompany you on a camping vacation or a short household getaway because of their size Best Can Openers.


As a can opener frequently comes into touch with liquids while opening, it must be cleaned. It also raises the possibility of corrosion. Many can openers are constructed of steel material, which should not be overlooked as a purchasing factor Best Can Openers.

When an opener is designated as stainless steel, this feature extends the product’s life. Additionally, a few products are dishwasher-safe, however, this is not suggested due to the plastic casing Best Can Openers.

Safety Factors

Cheap Best Can Openers usually leave sharp points on the can as well as the lid while opening cans. In the worst-case scenario, little metal shavings may enter the meal. It carries a considerable risk of harm that may be prevented with the use of an appropriate Best Can Openers.

Best Can Openers of high grade detach the top from the can without leaving any jagged corners or crumbs. In this situation, these items are typically referred to as protective can openers. While purchasing a can opener, you must always keep this in mind.

Further Q/A

How should I clean my can opener?

Keeping your can opener clean and free of rust is imperative as a dirty or rusty opener can create unsafe food conditions. We recommend wiping your can opener down with a cloth and hot water or vinegar to clean it. It is best practice to clean your can opener immediately after using it.

What should I look for in a can opener?

With so many options out there, it can be hard to pick a can opener that is both easy to use and good quality. First, we recommend assessing your kitchen counter space. If your counters are cramped, your best bet will be a manual can opener that can fit nicely into a utensil drawer. If you have more space and prefer a more hands-off approach, an electric can opener is a great option. Many can openers have multiple functions, such as being able to open jars and other items, so it can also be helpful to think about what you would like to use your can opener for before purchasing.

When using manual openers, a good grip ensures that you can open cans quickly and efficiently.  The handle grips on your can opener should always be comfortable to use, even if you have to open several cans at once. So when looking to purchase a new can opener, make sure that the handle grips feel comfortable in your hands.

What types of can openers are there and which is the right one for you?

You can distinguish between 2 types of can openers:

  • Manual can openers
  • Electric can openers

Each of these types has its advantages and disadvantages due to the different handling. In the following section, we would like to help you find out which of the different can openers is best suited for opening cans. For this purpose, we will present the types and methods of can openers below and give you an overview of the respective advantages and disadvantages.

Manual can openers

With the manually operated can openers, you have to apply force yourself when opening cans. However, you do not need batteries, main plugs, or any other form of energy to open the cans. However, the manual can opener requires a little skill and proper use to remove the lid of a can. Nevertheless, with the right technique, it is often very easy to open the cans.

  • Commercially available
  • Independent of the mains
  • Easy to use
  • Requires strength
  • Practice and patience needed
  • Requires skill

Electric can openers

The use of electric can openers is probably the easier and more convenient way to open canned food. The utensils can usually be operated with just one hand and can also be used easily by physically impaired people. However, a power supply is always necessary for the use of the electric version to be able to operate the opener.

  • No effort required
  • Easy handling
  • Convenient
  • Barrier-free
  • Depends on electricity or batteries

Final Verdict

To sum up, OHP has provided you with detailed insights into can openers, whether you are going for Manual Can Openers or purchasing Electric Can Openers you should consider the economic model, and proper care and shopping guides.

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