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MintX Rodent Repellent Trash Bags

MintX Rodent Repellent Trash Bags


Mint-X Rodent Repellent Trash Bag

Mint-X has the ideal option MintX Rodent Repellent Trash Bags for you if you seek a creative garbage disposal choice for your home. This company’s garbage bin liners are superior to standard biodegradable trash bags. They manufacture eco-friendly bags that have all of the benefits of regular garbage bags but are less destructive and detrimental to the ecosystem. You will undoubtedly enjoy the items of this company.

Mint-X is made from foreign materials which provide long-lasting and spill-proof waste bags. These trash bags are made from organic and sustainable herbal substances that decompose swiftly in nature. Mint-X Rodent Repellent Garbage Bags are the globe’s only EPA-approved rodent repellent trash bags. The product is available in two 100 or 120-count convenient dispenser packages. The drawstring clasp makes the products easy to manage, particularly during discarding.

This product provides thickness and resilience that biodegradable garbage bags do not. It was strong enough to endure big loads of rubbish without spilling or ripping apart. Apart from that, the immense capacity of this item ensures enough keeping for garbage and other debris. With this biodegradable trash bag, you can tidy and organize your house. Furthermore, this garbage bag has a fresh citrus flavor so that you can say bye to unwanted odors. These fragrant drawstring trash bags help block and reduce odors, giving your kitchen a pleasant smell MintX Rodent Repellent Trash Bags.

Key Features about MintX Rodent Repellent Trash Bags

  • Material is plastic.
  • Weight capacity is 32 gallons.
  • EPA registered product.
  • One hundred counts in a box.
  • Dimension (L x W x H) is 13.8 x 12 x 6.7 inches.

Sum Up

  • Registered with the EPA
  • It has a drawstring for easy transport.
  • It has a light citrus fragrance.
  • MintX Rodent Repellent Trash Bags can prevent and neutralize odors.
  • It adds a pleasant perfume to your kitchen.
  • Regular landfills are not suited.
  • Inappropriate advertisement harm MintX Rodent Repellent Trash Bags.

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