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BioBag Trash Bags

BioBag Trash Bags


BioBag Trash Bag

BioBag offers BioBag Trash Bag for your residential and corporate usage. It comes with 48 biodegradable tall kitchen garbage can bags that measure 22.2 inches by 29.0 inches and weigh 0.68 mils—ships in Frustration-Free Certified Packing. Less wasteful packaging coincides with the business sustainability aims. The house is biodegradable and works with a backyard composting system.

The Trash Bags, produced in the United States with imported polymer from Italy, firmly line and fit most kitchen composting garbage pails/bins, encourage waste reduction, and maintain trash cans safe and free of debris. BioBags are constructed from botanical starches, vegetable oils, and compostable polymers and have been certified biodegradable by The Biodegradable Products Association to satisfy ASTM D6400 specifications.

BioBags, apart from regular plastic bags, are manufactured from a resin that could be devoured by microbes that live in our soils. Take small steps to create a significant distinction while using our eco-friendly, green, environmentally sustainable, and quality products BioBag Trash Bags.

Key Features of BioBag Trash Bags

  • It is available in 2.6 gallons (100 counts), 3 gallons (100 counts), 3 gallons (300 counts), 3 gallons (576 counts), 13 gallons (48 counts) and 13 gallons (144 counts).
  • Dimension (L x W x H) is 6.6 x 5.3 x 3.8 inches.
  • Unscented, biodegradable, compostable product.
  • Weight is 0.17 pounds.
  • Material is plastic.

Sum Up

  • Unscented, biodegradable, compostable product.
  • In industrial composting systems, they decompose efficiently.
  • BioBag Trash Bags are user-friendly product.
  • It sinks into the bottom of the bin.
  • BioBag Trash Bags is an expensive product.

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